Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to our family blog

We as a family would like to welcome all of you to our family blog!  The time of technology is ever changing and we have desired to take a hold of these opportunities that are presented to us in keeping in touch with those of whom we love and deeply care about.  It is our greatest hope that our blog will be one that is informative of the current events that are taking place in our family's lives but also fun in that you may also experience with us our accomplishments and excitments through travel, everyday business life, church and of being the good old EA's that we as Hiatt's are know to be. Please use this blog in efforts of keeping intouch with us, so that we can in return keep in touch with all of you.

We love you all very much,

Dave, Jenna, Kayla (KK) and Czar

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